Tips for Hotshot Truck Drivers

There are many truck driving opportunities available in the market. But if you want to be independent – and work the hours that you desire – then what you need to do is try hotshot truck driving.

What is Hotshot Truck Driving?

Hotshot truck driving is characterized as freelance truck driving. In this business, the truck driver can transport goods and products without entering an obligatory agreement or contract.

As for the pay, the cut is usually 75/25. 75% of the profits will go to you, the hotshot truck driver. The remaining 25% will be relegated to the carrier company, since it is in charge of setting up the contract and accomplishing the needed documents.

hotshot truck driver

Why Should You Become a Hotshot Truck Driver?

Hotshot truck driving is something you should consider, largely because of the following benefits:

  • You can receive more compensation. Since hotshot trucking businesses are on an expedited basis, you can expect the consignee to pay more for your driving services.
  • You can drive on your own schedule. No need to miss your children’s recitals or family outings because of truck driving work. You can pick up and transport the cargo according to your desired timeframe.
  • You can drive your own route. You do not have to follow a company’s set plot, as you can create your own. This can give you a faster and safer driving experience.
  • You have the choice of picking the carrier service you want to work with.
  • You are virtually free of tedious paper works, forms and contracts. You can leave the signing and what not to the carrier company you had chosen.

Tips for Hotshot Truck Drivers

If you want to give hotshot truck driving, then be guided by these tips that can help your work easier and better.

  • Make sure to get an International Registration Plan or IRP License.

This will allow you to transport goods between two or more member jurisdictions. This encompasses all U.S. states, except Washington DC, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canadian locations, excluding Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.

  • Be familiar with different types of trucks.

As a hotshot truck driver, you need not necessarily own a truck (although it is better if you have one.) You can always get a truck from the carrier company you are working with. Since the trucks might vary, it will be best if you are familiar with driving the most common hotshot trucks, which include tractor-trailers and 1-ton truck trailers.

hotshot truck driver

  • Purchase Insurance.

Because hotshot truck drivers are required to deliver goods at an expedited time rate, you can be at risk of accidents and property damage. Apart from protecting yourself and your business, insurance can be an attractive point for your trucking firm. After all, most companies require hotshot truck drivers who have $100,000 worth of cargo insurance.

  • Be Well-Informed.

As a hotshot truck driver, you must be knowledgeable about state laws, as well as cargo carrier requirements. You have to know the proper weight bearing limits, as well as the licenses, documents and tags that you need to have. This will keep you immune from violations and expensive penalties.

  • Be prepared – physically and mentally.

While hotshot truck driving can be financially rewarding, its demands can be taxing. You have to prepare yourself physically and mentally, as most companies need their cargoes on an ASAP basis.

  • Be patient in looking for companies to work for.

Finding a corporation that will hire you as a freelancer might be tough, but with dedication and passion, you can surely find one that will hire you as a hotshot truck driver.

Hotshot truck driving has its fair share of benefits and disadvantages. That is why you need to keep these helpful tips in mind. As long as you are fully aware of its workings and requirements, you can succeed as a hotshot truck driver.