How to Find Truck Driving Jobs with Training

Fact: there is a shortage of truck drivers in the United States. According to research, there are about 35,000 vacancies for qualified drivers. However, to become part of this in-demand workforce, you need to have a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL.

Unfortunately, to get a CDL, you need to enroll in a truck driving school. You have to pay for the tuition, which can range anywhere from $1200 to $3300. If you don’t have this kind of money, you don’t have to abandon your dreams of becoming a truck driver for good. Here are some tips that can help you in your quest on how to find truck driving jobs with training.

Attend Truck Driving Job Fairs

Because of the shortage of qualified truck drivers, numerous companies have set up truck driving job fairs in different states. If you want to know how to find truck driving jobs with training, then you need to make a mad dash for these fairs.

When it comes to truck driving job fairs, remember that patience is a virtue. There are many people looking for how to find truck driving jobs with training. Like you, they might not have a CDL or the right experience. But as long as you show that you are determined and right for the job, you just might come across a company that can give you a truck driving job with training.

Search Online Job Portals

If there are no truck driving job fairs near your area, you do not have to worry. With the help of the internet, you will eventually know how to find truck driving jobs with training.

There are many websites that can help you get truck driving jobs with training. One is Through this portal, you can browse through multitudes of offers throughout the state. It’s as easy as typing “drivers paid CDL training” beneath “what:”

If you wish to stay in your state – you can type in your preferred city, state, or zip at the text box beneath “where.” But if you don’t mind moving out of your home state, you can leave the text box blank – and let your fate guide you through a new, exciting job opportunity.

You can further filter out your job search by clicking the categories on the left pane. Your search can be sorted according to salary estimate, title, company, job type, and employer/recruiter.

Getting started with this website is very easy. First, you need to register for an account so you can post your resume. While you can make a job search even without a profile, it’s better if you have one. You might not know it, maybe an employer is just waiting for someone of your caliber.

Apart from, there are other websites that can help you in your quest on how to find truck driving jobs with training. A good example is

Visit Truck Driving Schools

A lot of truck driving schools offer CDL training sponsored by companies. If you want to have sponsored schooling, you can ask these driving schools about the agencies that sponsor them.

Once you have a list of the institutions that finance CDL training, try to contact them through phone/e-mail or visit the establishment personally. Once you are able to do so, make sure to inquire about their requirements for sponsorship. Who knows? They might be looking for somebody to sponsor, and you might just be the lucky one to get a company-financed CDL education.

Companies are in need of many truck drivers, so make sure to respond to this demand. By employing these ways on how to find truck driving jobs with training, you will surely find one sooner or later.