YRC Trucking Jobs

When it comes to small freight – aka less than truckload shipping – the first name that comes to mind is YRC freight. An amalgamation of Yellow and Roadway Transportations, YRC freight has become the largest branch of the Kansas-based YRC Worldwide Inc.

As the leading transporter of North America’s top commercial, retail, and industrial goods, YRC freight is always on the lookout for dependable drivers. If you have got what it takes to be part of the family, then make sure to peruse these competitive YRC trucking jobs:

YRC Trucking Jobs for those Without CDL

Even if you do not possess a commercial driver’s license, you can still apply for YRC trucking jobs. In fact, the company has a special program wherein employees can work on the dock while working towards their CDL permits and licenses.

For this special program, you will earn 80 hours of studying and 80 hours of actual driving – to complete the 160 hours required for a permit. As for the latter, you are required to complete yard and street driving practice with your trainer.

Once you get your commercial driver’s license, you will be offered a slot at YRC’s finishing school. Here you can get the much-needed 160 hours of additional experience for YRC trucking jobs. Once you complete the program and get your endorsements (Hazmat, Tanker, and Doubles/Triples,) you can choose from the wide variety of YRC trucking jobs.

YRC Trucking Jobs for Inexperienced Drivers

Even if you only have road driving experience – and no truck driving experience at all – you can still become a part of the YRC freight family. That’s because the company offers YRC trucking jobs for inexperienced drivers.

If you have less than one year of driving experience, you are entitled to a paid training spanning from three days to two weeks, depending on your knowledge and skills. This is what the company calls a trainer-led “Driver Development Program.” Through this class you will learn the following:

  • Shifting
  • Smith System-guided tactics on accident avoidance and defensive driving
  • Freight delivery and customer service
  • Logistics problem-solving

Once you have completed the 160 hours of training, you will be evaluated. Should more training be warranted, YRC can provide additional practice opportunities.

YRC Trucking Jobs for Recent Graduates

Have a hard time looking for driving jobs because you just graduated? In a world where experience is required, landing your first job can be a struggle. However, you don’t have to worry as there are numerous YRC trucking jobs for recent graduates.

To get this exciting opportunity, all you just need to do is sign up for a four-week training period. This hands-on experience is more than just comprehensive, it comes with payment as well! Talk about learning while earning, all at the same time!

The basic requirements for these YRC trucking jobs are the following:

  • Graduate of a truck driving school
  • Commercial driver’s license with endorsements (Hazmat, Tanker, and Doubles/Triples)

YRC Trucking Jobs for Veterans

As a military veteran, you did your country proud by defending it with all your might. As such, the company recognizes your full potential now that you are back home with the help of YRC trucking jobs.

As with most openings for YRC trucking jobs, the basic requirements are the following:

  • Tractor-trailer truck driving experience of at least 12 months
  • Commercial driver’s license

If you meet these requirements, you will also be required to attend a comprehensive 40-hour training program. If you want to go beyond military service, then these YRC trucking jobs are perfect for you.

YRC trucking jobs provide a handful of great experiences and even greater opportunities. Get started with an exciting career by applying for any of the job openings today.