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All about Wilson Trucking Corporation

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Are you looking to be a part of a team that has well-established with a longstanding reputation? Then you should take a look at Wilson Trucking. Wilson Trucking has been up and running, successfully, since 1926. The Wilson family developed this company and dedicates themselves on the continuation of development and success of their company. Wilson Trucking facilities are a multi-terminal network which is based throughout ten of the southern states. Though the company has grown exponentially, it’s still run like a family business.

What types of jobs are offered at Wilson Trucking Corporation

If you’re considering applying for a position at Wilson Trucking you should know a little bit of what the company has to offer you. With 88 years in business, Wilson Trucking is fully supplied with 812 tractors and 1717 trailers – with that fleet, they’ll need drivers. Here are some of the positions offered.

P&D Drivers

As a driver for Wilson Trucks, they offer next-day delivery, which means you will not be spending weeks at a time on the road. As a driver, you would be responsible for loading, unloading and transporting your load to its destined location. Your routes will vary depending on customers location, so no day is ever the same They offer drivers competitive hourly pay as well as the assurance that drivers will be home daily, supplied with the flexible work schedule. Drivers are offered full-time benefits, must be 21 years of age or older with a valid Class A CDL license that has been verifiable for one year.

Line Haul Driver

As a Line Haul Driver, your job will include transporting the freight from one Wilson terminal to another. This position is highly desirable as this position provides you with exceptional road time, competitive pay and a flexible work week. With a full-time position, drivers are given full benefits as well as promotion opportunities. The requirements for this job include being 23 years of age or older, with a valid Class A CDL license which is verifiable for one year.

Dock Worker

Particularly ideal for college students or individuals looking for an additional income. This position requires individuals to manage the daily loading and unloading of freights as well as the counting of freights.

If interested, here are the requirements for being a Dock Worker.For this position, you need to be at least 18 years old, with a valid driver’s license and experience operating a forklift is an asset.

Many employees comment on the great salary and benefits which come with working at Wilson Trucking. In addition, employees have commented that there is always work available throughout the day.

Many cons of working at Wilson Trucking was inconsistent. Some people state that it’s hard to move up while other say that there are not enough work hours available.

Tips for applying to Wilson Trucking Corporation

If you’re interested in applying, here are some helpful tips.

If you’re not interested in working in a team environment, then Wilson Trucking may not be the company for you. This company is a family business which functions based on teamwork and effective communication.

Not sure what position you want to apply for? If you’re not sure what you want, make sure you to read the job description clearly and carefully. If you still are having problems, contacting them for more information about the job title is fine.

Be honest on your CV. If you need specific requirements and do not have them, tell them. If you’re in the process of getting the certificates needed, tell them. Regardless, tell them because they will be able to see if you’re qualified or not.