UPS truck driving jobs

UNITED Parcel Service of North AmericaUNITED Parcel Service of North America, Inc. refers to one of the huge logistics and shipping companies recognized across the globe. The UPS branded company is widespread across the world and operates efficiently with its headquarters located in Sandy Springs, Georgia. UPS delivers more than 20 million packages everyday for more than 6 million customers across the world in more than 220 territories and countries. UPS is also well known for its brown uniforms and trucks, which has given the nickname ‘Brown’. UPS also operates air cargo and airline delivery services with its base located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Location of UPS services

UPS is an international pioneer in transportation and logistics services. They are popular for the broad ranges of solutions such as transportation of freight and packages. The UPS logistics offers excellent technology and efficiently manages the business across the globe. The company has its headquarters located in Atlanta, Ga. There are many UPS truck services operating in more than 220 territories and countries worldwide respectively.

UPS Truck Driver – Job Description

The truck driver is an employee responsible for picking up ad delivering goods, along with operations, reporting, safety, and service maintenance duties according to the assignments allotted to them by their higher authorities. It is necessary for the UPS Truck driver to maintain a clear positive attitude in order to work in harmony and cooperative manner with other members of the team. They are responsible for optimizing a healthy relationship with customers and help the UPS organization to achieve their goals easily. Let us analyze a few basic duties performed by the UPS truck drivers.

  • UPS LogisticsPick up and deliver the materials at perfect locations
  • Maintain and develop the best routing system for efficient delivery
  • Before loading and unloading it is important for the truck driver to follow a proper system
  • Verify if the entire list of items written on the sales ticket are delivered
  • Collect and make payments properly according to the requirements
  • Communicate with the customers regarding handling and safe storage procedures
  • Submit the trip report to the higher authorities
  • Inform about the various potential new business opportunities and report other problems relating to the truck to the officials.
  • Avoid causing any damages to buildings, or property while driving huge trucks
  • Pleasant attitude towards the customers, offering them with quality services
  • Follow carefully the regulatory and companies safety policies

Annual salary for UPS truck drivers

UPS truck driving jobsThe salary offered for truck drivers varies according to their experience, communication skills and other special qualifications. Average salary earned by the UPS truck drivers is calculated to be $51,000 annually. Candidates who are offered jobs at the UPS enjoy a promising salary and are provided on time, along with other beneficial programs.

How to apply for UPS truck driving jobs?

If you are an eligible candidate interested for the position truck driver with a Class A CDL then you can log in to the web page and apply at the UPS for an exciting career.

Sample resume for UPS truck driving jobs

John Deep

Some town

EMAIL- [email protected]

Sir, professional and extremely skilled CDL Class A Truck driver with 10 years experience in truck driving seeking a job in the UPS truck services. I have experience in maintaining vehicle repairs and knowledge to keep records of log reports with excellent route driving. Possess Exceptional character to communicate with the precious customers and meet the dead lines without any delay.

Summary of qualifications

  • Possess excellent health capacity to meet all the physical demands such as climbing, balancing, carrying, lifting heavy weights etc.
  • Attentive in listening and implementing entire responsibilities without any faults
  • Cleaned the truck thoroughly before every journey
  • Operated levers in the trucks whenever it was necessary
  • Experienced to drive the trucks safely abiding the safety precautions prescribed by the government laws

Key accomplishments

  • Awarded the ‘employee of the year 2012’ exclusively for dedication, positive attitude and work ethic
  • Skilled to load and unload products with the use of forklifts or hoists
  • Offered training to 6 new employees in following proper route, manipulating trucks that are dump and follow the safety regulations while driving

Relevant experience

Truck driver from 2011 to present at ABC company

  • Drove the truck according to the OSHA and organizational guidelines and rules
  • Maintained the truck by clearing the minor repairs and defects for safety purposes
  • Ensure that the pickup and delivery are performed accurate within the time limit
  • Maintained health factor in order to be fit enough for night duties

Truck driver in XYZ Co. from the year 2005 to 2010

  • Drove heavy trucks along with loading and unloading of construction materials
  • Conducted complete inspections before and after every trip in order to maintain safety precautions
  • Operated levers in trucks
  • Cleaned the trucks and reported any problems to officials


Some High School

Additional skills

  • Possess CDL Class A Driver license and a valid medical examiner certificate
  • Basic mathematics skills to add or subtract or multiply and divide measurements without difficulty.