Saia Trucking Jobs

Saia LogoTaking care of the people is the business mission set by Saia, Inc. This company is one of the leading carriers that offer high quality trucking services in the United States. They transport your staff in the regional and inter-regional territories. They have also expanded their services offering third-party logistics.

Company History

Tracing back the business start-up struggles, undeniably, based on the historical background, the company has survived with the help of the shareholders. The partnerships they had with the big time companies that are also in the same business field has made Saia survived the downtime of the business.

Because of the serious dedication rendered by the people behind the business operations, they were able to become independent again and was able to cover 147 terminals in the whole 34 states in America in today’s business management. With the network partners they work with, Saia was able to stand up again, delivering the best trucking services to all the clients they serve.

Saia, Inc. Career Opportunities

Because of the wide range of the services offered by the company, this also opens the gates for many job opportunities. The best thing about it is that there have been many terminals that are operating, which means that it could be that in your location, you can land a job at Saia.

There are open job positions that would require an on-site interview. This would be on the following vacant slots for:


  • Class A Drivers – Of course, you will be in-charge for the huge task of delivering stuffs to their destinations. Not all drivers would be interviewed on-site as there are slots for those who will just do the usual transporting of people and good from one location to the next. However, for this position, it needs the on-site interview as you will be assessed using an evaluation tool that is required for the position.
  • Dockworkers – just like the drivers, you are also held responsible for loading and unloading the goods from and into the trucks.
  • Mechanics – you need to deal a lot with machines, monitoring and the overall maintenance.
  • Supervisors – with a good leadership skill, you can be tasked to handle different programs for your team.
  • Dispatchers – your management skills on how you can schedule the delivery services will be highly needed in this position and more.
  • Managers – managing all the business operations would be your major task and your experience in your previous job might be of help if you plan to apply for this slot.
  • Clerks – simple accounting would be required and over all personality.

You can call 888-965-1230 if you have questions in mind. They are willing to accommodate all your queries, especially when you are applying to any of the positions mentioned. There are also slots that you can apply online. There is a form generated on the website of the company that you need to fill in.

Job fairs are also conducted to cater all the applicants.

If you are serious about landing a job at Saia, Inc, bear in mind that it would be a great privilege for you to improve your career. Working with the company that has established credibility would be a great area to earn experience. Expect high compensation and great benefits to avail because the company itself has survived the hard years in business.

Since they are still standing today, it proves that they know how to manage well their workers, they value all their partners, and they treasure the business to make it sure that it is progressing towards a stable status. Be part of it!