Ryder Trucking Jobs

In a span of 80 years, Ryder System Inc. has been the top solutions provider for commercial transportation, supply chain management, and logistics. Servicing North America, Europe, and Asia, it has delivered services that have made numerous company operations better and more efficient.

Truly dedicated to establishing better logistics and supply chains, the company wishes to expand its helm by offering Ryder Trucking Jobs. Here are some employment opportunities that might fit your skills, as well as your likes.

Ryder trucking

Full Time Class A Driver

As the leading name in commercial transportation, Ryder trucking jobs usually involve driver positions. Your primary task as a full time Class A driver is to drive a commercial vehicle, all the while minding safety and the regulations of the Department of Transportation.

Apart from this, applicants for Ryder trucking jobs are expected to accomplish the following:

  • Ensure that the truck complies with safety standards, laws, and regulations as prescribed by the state/Department of Transportation.
  • Maintain logs and records.
  • Loads and unloads packages.
  • Inspects truck for problems
  • Performs truck maintenance to ensure cargo safety.

To become the ‘face’ of Ryder trucking jobs, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age: 22 years
  • Commercial Driver’s License for Class A trucks
  • Verifiable class A experience in driving a tractor trailer or similar vehicle. Acceptable experiences include 9 months in the last 3 years, 2 years in the last 5 years, or 5 years in the last 10 years.
  • Ability to follow written and verbal instructions
  • Ability to read and comprehend procedures, rules, laws, and regulations.

Additionally, you need to pass the following exams:

  • Ryder Road Test
  • Ryder Drug Test
  • Ryder Background and Motor Vehicle Check (with Drug and Alcohol Verification)
  • Department of Transportation Physical Exam

Full Time Class B Driver

Ryder has a variety of trucks, including straight trucks. This is the focus of Ryder trucking jobs for Class B drivers. By definition, Class B trucks have a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 (or less) pounds, or less than 11,793 kilograms.

The requirements and exams are similar to the ones written above, although the truck that will be driven is a straight, Class B truck. To get this job, you need to meet the requirements above, however, you need to possess a Class B CDL.

Of all the Ryder trucking jobs, this opportunity offers some of the best benefits. For one, the route will only cover three states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Dispatch time for Ryder trucking jobs varies from early morning to late evening. Although this is the case, perks include getting home daily, and having weekends off.

Part-time Class A Transfer Truck Driver

If you want part-time Ryder trucking jobs that can supplement your income, then this is the job for you. It entails delivering and picking up Ryder trucks from and to customers. The work time for this job opening is from 7:30 am to 4 pm, although the actual hours might vary. It can cover anywhere up to 30 hours of work per week. What’s great about this opening is that you have the weekends to yourself. You can also get home daily so you get to spend quality time with your family.

Non-CDL Truck Driver

Don’t have a Commercial Driver’s License? You don’t have to worry as there are Ryder trucking jobs open to those without CDLs. The requirements are similar to those of Class A and Class B truck drivers. The only exception is that you will not be required to possess a CDL for such Ryder trucking jobs.

There are many Ryder trucking jobs for you to choose from. The only question is which do you prefer? With the company’s overwhelming benefits and great compensation, there is no reason why you should not try any of the Ryder trucking jobs.