Prime truck driving jobs

History of Prime Inc. trucking company

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Prime Inc. is a trucking company that was built up with its base generating from the year 1970 and has its headquarters located in Springfield, Missouri. This trucking company basically operates in three major divisions, namely tanker, refrigerated and flatbed. With its excellent services, the Prime Inc. has been considered as the second largest refrigerated carrier services exclusively operating in the USA. Prime Inc. is on the whole the 28th largest trucking company in the United States according to the revenue generated.

This trucking company is widespread across the nations, especially in the Mexico, Canada and United States of America. The most beneficial program known as Prime Logistics offers its customers a special opportunity to maintain a successful relationship with the customers and carriers. By implementing this program the company has reduced the paperwork and overhead issues. Prime Inc. is growing at a steady rate with more than 4,500 company owned and leased tractors, over 1,000 flatbed, more than 6,000 refrigerated trailers and 250 tanker trailers extensively. The company mostly owns Peterbilt, Freightliner Trucks and Navistar International. The Prime Truck Company also offers commercial driver’s license training program for a reasonable rate.

Location of the Prime Inc. in the USA

The Prime Inc. has built a wonderful reputation with enormous strength, especially for providing the best transportation services. They have thousands of service providers located across the North America. Prime Inc. has its locations of operations in diverse places such as Canada, Mexico and United States of America.

Prime truck driving job description

The Prime Inc. has excellent career opportunities available for well qualified truck drivers. They are responsible for delivering and picking up the goods or materials from basically transport centers to private customers or business locations. The truck drivers are expected to carry merchandise goods between destinations such as different states. They need to be ready to carry heavy cargos that are uncommon like the cars or hazardous materials. The chief responsibility of truck drivers is to maintain an activity log book regarding the activities performed by the truck drivers. The Prime Inc. truck drivers are expected to keep a complete record about the vehicle inspections and ensure that the trucks are well equipped with the correct safety products. Let us analyze few basic descriptions about the Prime truck driving jobs-

  • Prime truck driversDrivers should be skilled enough to transport the materials and goods between destinations with proper care
  • Experienced in operating and driving different types of trucks for transporting longer distances
  • Collect the essential documents and Plan the trip logistics for transporting.
  • Unload or load the cargo
  • The truck driver should make sure that the cargo is transported with maximum secured options by following effective safety precautions
  • Maintain the driver’s log book and lading bills
  • Skilled to drive the truck safely even during drastic climatic conditions like tornado, hurricanes and floods
  • Truck drivers need to take time to analyze the diverse roadways that leads to the destination
  • Before starting the transportation a perfect truck driver should be fully equipped and enriched with knowledge about the routes and traffic rules prescribed by the Transport Department

Annual salary of Prime truck drivers

The salary offered for truck drivers varies according to their experience, communication skills and other qualifications. Average salary earned by the Prime Inc. truck drivers is estimated up to $51,000 annually. Compared to other companies, the employees enjoy timely payments with other benefits such as cooperative high authorities, flexible timings, free lunch, indoor games etc.

How to apply for Prime Truck driving jobs?

Prime truck driving jobsIf you are an eligible candidate interested for the position truck driver with a Class A CDL then you can log in to the web page and apply at the Prime Inc. for excellent future career opportunities.

Sample resume for Prime truck driving jobs

Melvin Victor

0006 Somefield,



Hello Sir, I am a highly professional, efficient and extremely skilled CDL Class A Truck driver holding more than 8 years experience in truck driving. Possess talents in maintaining minor vehicle repairs and keeping records of log reports with excellent route driving. Possess exceptional talents to tackle any situations skillfully with customers.

Summary of qualifications

  • Always looking for fresh ideas that will help in improving efficiency
  • Flexible to work even in shifts or overtime including nights or holidays or weekends
  • Skilled to build up a healthy relationships with the customers
  • Prompt deliveries is one of my key qualifications
  • Physically fit enough to be able to perform manual works such as loading or unloading cargo
  • Drive the trucks responsible and safely

Key accomplishments

  • Managed and maintained the trucks in a clean excellent working conditions
  • Possess an awesome driving record and sturdy work ethic
  • A responsible driver with credible references and positive stable history of works
  • Recognized and appreciated for ability to coordinate and organize priorities

Relevant experience

Jan 2012 to present

Truck driver in Some & Co

  • Drove and operated trucks for transporting construction materials within 60 destinations
  • Provided courteous and prompt service to the respected clients accounts
  • Maintained trip logs that contains details about the fuel costs, destinations and distance traveled
  • Reviewed the invoices with the clients and received the shipper authorizations respectively

Jan 2009 to 2011

  • Operated a semi trailer truck for transporting finished materials and goods, by traveling more than 100 destination spots every week
  • Unloaded and loaded the goods on and off the trailers by hands using the forklift
  • Ability to transport materials to different locations through thick traffic prevailing in the cities
  • Adhered to the traffic and parking rules in order to avoid any violating incidents


  • Diploma in economics from the Some University – 2007

Additional skills

  • Professional ability to be friendly and polite with the clients
  • Ready to work at flexible timings
  • Ability to stand or sit or climb with ease