Panther Trucking Jobs


When the wheels of Panther started rolling in 1992, under the supervision of Daniel Sokolowski, he led the company to become one of the leading logic companies in the world. It closed a deal with five other operators, expediting the growth of the business. Today, it has gained a reputation to have an unmatched performance, with high quality services, that no other companies defeated yet.

With their door-to-door transportation services, they were able to build a very strong business relationship with the 11,000 customers they serve worldwide. These include many government offices, non-government organizations, world-renowned private sectors, and more.

Their obsession to deliver on-time delivery has become their greatest weapon in providing premium solutions. With a fast track operation, they were able to gain trust from their clients, and until now, their wheels keep on rolling, expanding more branches to almost all corners of the world. They give their full efforts in targeting their goals to consume only 15 minutes in pickup and delivery transactions. In order to realize their business objectives, they expanded many branches to assign workers specific assignments to specific area, making their performance on time and reliable.

They also bloomed their services to cater other transportation services and this in return gave more their customers the benefit to avail all the best they can offer.

Reasons of Workers in Panther Trucking In Their Good Performance

In order for a company to prosper, the management should initiate a motivational package to gain their worker’s loyalty. Below are some of the benefits that workers in Panther Trucking enjoy as they render their best performance for the company:a

  • Health Care Plan – they make sure that their workers get enough support in case of health concerns, of course, in settling some hospital bills and availing other medical services.
  • Prescription Drug Plan – they take the burden away from the people who dedicated themselves to the progress of the business and so they offer to take charge of any prescribed drugs that their workers are taking, to maintain a good health condition.
  • Dental Plan – To avoid any delays in their work and making sure that all workers wear a beautiful plan, this benefit is offered.
  • Life Insurance – to secure their workers’ lives during times of rendering services, they make sure to offer life insurance.
  • Paid Time Off – they value their workers so much that even during rest hours they are paying them. They do not want any of their employees to burn out themselves in working, which affect their performance, thus creating also a negative impact to the whole business operations.
  • Employee Wellness Program – healthy workers are happy workers. Happier workers are also the productive ones.

How You Can Apply

With the best benefits you can gain from the company, surely, there is no reason to have any doubt in applying for any open position.

The company has provided enough information on how you are going to get a chance to become part of their successful business. They have provided a contact form, exclusive only for those who are considering to apply. They also provided a list of open positions, where you can filter your qualifications.

You may send your CV to

You have the option to fax your CV or give a phone call. Before doing so, it is important that you create your applicant profile so that you can be enlisted. This gives you more chances to be hired since they usually look for qualified applicants on their own database. Make your name and your qualification be on top by creating your profile ASAP.

Lastly, they have provided FAQs for applicants, which you can read through to understand how things work.

With your strong skills and determined will, Panther can help you realize your personal dreams!