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Over The Road Transportation Inc. was started in the year 1983 as a family business. The company is headquartered at 191 Superior Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario ,Canada. Initially the company offered courier services, but as the demand for local LTL carriers grew, they expanded themselves to offer transportation services. The company extends its services across 26 States east of the River Mississippi in the United States. They have a warehousing space of about 50,000 square feet and deals with long term-short term storage, picking, packing & delivery etc. Local Warehousing, Cross Border LTL, Courier & Local Cartage are some of the company’s specialties. Over the road Transportation Inc. continues to be a family owned business and Mr. Richard Meyers is the president.

Locations of Over The Road Transportation Inc.

Listed are some of the business units locations of Over The Road Transportation Inc.

  • Transportation Division (Canada, U.S. Eastern Seaboard & the Mid-West)
  • Logistics Division (All other U.S. Regions)
  • Warehousing/Distribution Solutions (Located in Mississauga)

Over The Road truck driving jobs

The truck drivers at Over The Road Transportation Inc. has to perform the following activities

  • Over The Road Transportation TruckStrictly adhere to the state laws and safety regulations while driving tractor/trailer
  • Maintain logs and records
  • Examine the vehicle before and after a trip to ensure the functional safety of the vehicle
  • Plan routes according to the state and local restrictions and traffic laws
  • Load and unload the truck/trailer
  • Work in extreme climatic conditions
  • Operate large power equipments
  • Go through the shipping papers to know the type of cargo and to detect the presence of any dangerous materials.
  • Drive trailer/truck to the destined to a place according to the Federal regulations

Truck Driver Qualifications

  • High School Diploma/ General Education Degree or equivalent
  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License
  • The candidate should pass a DOT physical before their first day of employment.
  • Must pass PBV driving skills test.
  • The candidate should be able to read and speak English
  • Driving records with no traffic rules violation and less than two moving violations while driving a personal or commercial truck in the last three years

Truck Driver Benefits

  • Life insurance
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • 401(k) plan
  • Safety bonuses
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid training

Truck Driver Salary

Truck drivers in OTR Inc. earns a salary between $28,000- $56,000 per month

Apply for a truck driver job in Over The Road Transportation Inc

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Truck driver sample resume

The following is the sample of a truck driver’s resume

Key qualifications

  • 5 years of experience as Over the road truck driver
  • Has got a diploma in Hazmat Programs
  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License
  • Has good knowledge about map reading procedures and safety regulations
  • Thorough knowledge about DOT regulations, Federal and State laws
  • Excellent English knowledge
  • Gave coaching to a team of co-drivers to as OTR drivers in a minimal allotted period


  • Won best employee award in 3 consecutive years
  • Transported hazardous materials and FMCG products
  • Excellent driving record
  • Collected shipping charges as per the instructions
  • Accidents were reported immediately to the Transportation Manager.
  • Maintained vehicle logs as per the government protocols
  • Managed truck inspections, repairs and vehicle malfunctions on the road.
  • Charted out suitable routes with the use of maps and GPS
  • Delivered the goods on time to the destination and took the signatures of the consignee on delivery related papers.


XYZ Company – 2010 to present

Truck Driver – Responsibilities:

  • Transport the products safely to the destined places
  • Verify the unloading of freights in order to avoid employee theft and fake claims of lost product.
  • Review bills with clients and get hauler and receiver signatures.
  • Maintain logs to reflect the locations of the customer and distance journeyed and fuel costs.
  • Maintain vehicle in safe conditions, according to company and highway regulations.
  •  Help in loading and unloading of merchandise at warehouse using a Pallet Jack and forklift.
  • Prepare mishap reports in accordance with OHAS and company safety requirements.
  • Strictly follow the parking rules and regulations to avoid violations and parking tickets



Skill summary

  • Have strong work ethics and clean work history
  • Adapted to working under extreme weather conditions; can lift and carry more than 50 pounds.
  • Can repair operation problems in minor vehicles
  • Acknowledged for planning, organizing and managing priorities in a convenient way.