Oshkosh Truck Jobs

All about Oshkosh Corporation

oshkosh trucking logoOshkosh is one of the leading companies that specialize in the manufacturing of trucks and truck equipment for the defense, concrete placement, refuse hauling, and fire and emergency industries. Founded in 1917, Oshkosh manufacturers in eight states in the U.S., Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France and Romania. They employ approximately 12,000 people internationally. Oshkosh has been ranked #394 in Fortune 500 and pride themselves on being an Equal Opportunity Employer. Let’s take a closer look at the opportunities available at Oshkosh.

What types of jobs are offered at Oshkosh Corporation

Seeing as this company is international, there’s a variety of opportunities available, ranging from administration, travelling, security, manufacturing to engineering. Since there is such broad range of positions, we will highlight some of the main jobs within Oshkosh.

If you’re interested in the administrative sector than Oshkosh offers a variety of options for you. Whether you would like to be involved in leasing, facility management, commercial publications or development, Oshkosh needs reliable and motivated individuals to fill these positions. There are positions ranging from entry-level to executive, with the ability to move up in the company. Many of these jobs to require the basic qualifications of a bachelor’s degree as well as a certain amount of related work experience, though that is not for every position.

If you’re more interested in the production and manufacturing of Oshkosh products than you should look into applying for the production sector of their company. Now, this section of Oshkosh is huge and has positions from project leader, engineer, painter, operations, technician to performance tester. Again, these positions all require a different education level and skill set. Let’s take, for example, performance tester. For this position, you need a high school diploma or GED, CDL and a clean driving record. Previous experience or knowledge of industrial vehicles is preferred. For Project Engineer, you need a bachelor’s degree with CATIA 5.0 experience and PMP certification. In this case, we recommend going to their career page and looking through the available positions according to your skills.

Tips for applying to Oshkosh Corporation

Depending on the position you’re applying for, the tips may vary, however, having a basic understanding of the industry and the equipment that Oshkosh manufacturers would be a good head start, especially for the interview.

If applying for an administrative position, make sure to highlight your skills including any software or programs such as photoshop, if applying for a production position, include all certifications and experience you have. This will make your CV stand out.

Decide generally what type of job you would like and then read on their career page. There are so many different jobs at Oshkosh, we recommend going through the list of jobs and seeing which one fits your skill set and interests.