Loomis Armored Truck Jobs

Loomis LogoIt has already been 160 years, when Loomis Armored Trucks started operating in America and today, they have already expanded the business, offering cash handling services in Europe.

The success story boils down to their great effort and serious dedication in providing high quality services, which started from the west of America. They have also made Alaska depend on them for handling cash flow services, all throughout the country. By earning trust, from the people they serve, they were able to build a good business name and even until now, they are continuously expanding their branches in the 400 locations in the US and eleven in Europe.

Products and Services Offered by Loomis Armored Truck

The main priorities of Loomis Armored Truck are the security and high quality services. They make it sure to all their clients that once these individuals trust the company their funds, they should consider the money already deposited. They value their work that is why over a century, they have stood still.

The armored transport services include deposit pickups, wherein they tour around the different states in US and branches in Europe, to offer their help. They also offer change order services and emergency cash services to attend to all their client’s needs. They also offer ATM services with an assured security and reliable results.


They have adapted also an advanced technology to make sure that their services could not afford any delay and cater all the customer’s concerns. They are using the Senergy Customer Gateway, which accommodates the queries of online clients.

With a true heart of an entrepreneur, they are willing to face all the risks that are expected from the services they intend to offer. They have also initiated the Safepoint as part of their service to guarantee security in all their transactions.

Loomis Are Hiring For The Best

Companies like Loomis are those that do not discard quality over anything else. They have high standards with the products and services they offer that is why, they also make sure that what they have in their team of workers are those with capability in maintaining their high quality services.

If you think you can be part of their growing business, you can always send your application online through their website. The company generates a specific web page. This is to accommodate all aspiring candidates in becoming part of their progressive business operations.

Positions Available at Loomis

You let your fate decide by sending your applications to apply for the following positions:

  • Service Technicians

These individuals are tasked to do the collection of money and picking up the detailed orders of the customers in a designated route. You are required to be detail-oriented and should be able to communicate with clients effectively. It is also a requirement that you can lift 50 pounds. You will act as driver, guard or messenger for this position. More details about this open position are available on their website.

  • Cash Management Technician

With this job title, you will be required to perform critical functions. It is necessary that you know or have an advanced knowledge of accounting to be able to be effective with your duties and responsibilities.

There are actually many other open positions available in Loomis and it differs from one location to the other branches. It is indicated in their job advertisement that they are offering all the vacant positions to anyone who is qualified. They respect any races and faces, any gender and the like.

If you wish to start or continue your career on the right track, be with a company who have high standards in delivering services because it would mold you on how to become more productive as an individual.