Knight Trucking Jobs

Knight-Transportation-LogoIn the truckload industry, Knight Trucking can be considered as one of the most successful businesses since it has grown very fast, in a very short period of time. Now, they are already operating thousands of locations, thus giving them very high revenue every year.

The company always says that they are moving forward with their and their customer’s future. With mutual goals, they continue to serve better with their own marketing strategies, to not only generate more income, but also serve more people who need their expertise in the trucking market.

What the company guarantees all throughout their operations is safety. This is guarding the products they transport and guarding the trust that their clients have entrusted to them. They always make sure that their trucks are always running with high efficiency, to deliver only what is best of what they can provide.

Short History of Knight Trucking

They have started the family-owned business with only a handful of trucks in Phoenix and Arizona locations. By aiming for growth of the business, they have focused mainly on building strong commitment with their workers in order to maintain or go beyond the high standards that they maintain. They value every load they deliver as their own, thus giving more confidence to all the clients they serve that the loads are in good hands.

New York Stock Exchange and the Forbes Magazine even recognized the booming business of the Knight Trucking, which put them on the pedestal of success.

Professional Driving Opportunities

If you wish to level up your driving career, why not try to become part of a growing business and family. The Knight Transportation Company always gives their drivers and other staff the priority to enjoy the benefits they deserve. They treat everything with pride and respect, so it would be a great opportunity for you to grow as a driver.

You will be given different choices of which truck you are going to drive. Of course, this depends on your location, your route, and your preference. You can drive a dry van, refrigerated truck, or port and rail. Every driver is with a driver manager who supervises every transaction with the client. Across the nation, these trucks would roam around the 30 service centers.

With Knight Transportation, you are not just given the opportunity for you to drive and earn, but also make a difference in your life. Since they make sure that all their workers are functioning efficiently, they give everyone quality trainings. This would somehow level up your driving skills so that you can render your high quality services to the company.


They also make sure that all their drivers and other workers are well compensated enough, not just to have some amount to live by, but a higher compensation that could at least level up also their style of living. This is their way of gaining trust and loyalty from all their workers. They believe that happy workers can surely bring success to any company.

According to one of the drivers of the Knight Transportation since 1990, his job with the company is truly a family-oriented and support group, which did not, just gave him a job, but true happiness in life.

Indeed, it would be such a great opportunity to become part of this strong and growing company that knows the worth of all the working force that makes the business stood still despite the test of time. There is no reason for you not to send your applications now.

You can just visit their website and click on the contact us to forward your application. You can also call them directly to inquire for the open positions.

This is worth trying to get a career that is promising.