FedEx Truck Driving Jobs

FedEx CorporationFedEx Corporation is a fantastic courier deliver services company located in America and also operating across the globe. The company has its headquarters in Memphis Tennessee. The company was originally introduced in the year 1973 with the name Federal Express and operating with this name until 2000. Thus the name FedEx is an abbreviation of this original name Federal Express. FedEx Corporation is an export and import organization that was incorporated in the year 1997. FedEx offers diverse services with Caliber technology and logistics solutions.

Location of FedEx truck driving services

FedEx Corporation provides an excellent service that offers unparalleled insight about the packages that will be delivered on time. The FedEx services are located at numerous locations in the United States such as Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas etc. The FedEx Corporation manages more than 1,800 locations across the globe in an effective manner.

FedEx truck driver job descriptions

FedEx truck driver is one of the best positions, which rotate regularly during weekends and off hours also. They are responsible for operating garbage trucks, sewer and more in an appropriate and secured manner. The truck drivers must conduct the entire activities according to the legislation, procedures and policies. They must be fit enough to maintain and clean the equipment within the truck. Let us analyze the basic performed by the professional FedEx drivers.

  • FedEx Truck Driving JobsFedEx truck driver should operate tractor trailer such as triples and doubles along with straight trucks
  • Perform pre-trip checks for the safety of the equipments in the truck
  • Hook and unhook the converters and trailers to or from the truck
  • The truck drivers are responsible for freight handling tasks with the use of manual and motorized equipment
  • Prepare required reports and documentation
  • The truck driver should possess knowledge to repair the damaged freight
  • Collect the freight charges as checks or cash
  • Follow the dispatch regulations and communicate with the authorities
  • Perform routine duties complying with rules and policies
  • Provide exceptional customer care services

Annual salary for the FedEx truck drivers

Truck drivers with fantastic experience and qualifications are offered a competative salary. FedEx truck driver’s salary on hourly basis ranges from $16 to $30 respectively. They are offered typical salary average pay of $24k. It has been estimated that the perfect candidate will enjoy a decent salary along with many promising incentives.

How to apply for a FedEx truck driver job?

If you are an eligible candidate interested for the position truck driver with Class A CDL then you can log in to the web page and apply at the FedEx Corporation for a marvelous future.

Sample resume for FedEx driver jobs

Joseph Taylor

0006 Somefield,


EMAIL- [email protected]


I am seeking the position of FedEx truck driver. I look forward for the great opportunity to implement my comprehensive experience and exclusive driving knowledge in driving different types of trucks. I possess exceptional characteristics to transport abiding the regulations and deliver the goods promptly on time.

Summary of qualifications

  • FedEx Truck DrivingBrilliant skills of map reading
  • Excellent organizational, writing and communication skills
  • Flexibility to work for longer period of time without any pressure
  • Possess extraordinary knowledge about the techniques and procedures to improve the performance and efficiency of different types of trucks
  • Perform tasks like loading, unloading, maintaining, hooking and other related duties without much effort
  • Available for work even during weekends or holidays

Key accomplishments

  • Received National truck driving Championship Award for the year 2013 from the American Trucking Committee
  • Raced awareness about the DUI, Driving Under Influence
  • Conducted self help program for the disabled truck drivers

Relevant experience

Worked as truck driver for the ABC Corporation from the year 2014 to present

  • Maintained the working condition of trucks by making regular checking schedules
  • Loaded and unloaded the goods and cargo manually and even with the use of forklift
  • Have driven semi-trailer trucks for transporting spare parts, materials, goods and other commodities respectively
  • Explored and designed the perfect itineraries in order to ensure that the goods are delivered on time
  • Assessed invoices and reports from the shippers and receivers

Worked as transport maintainer and driver from the year 2011 to 2013

  • Drove diverse types of vehicles such as the cars, vans, trucks both light and heavy etc. without difficulty to the destined spots
  • Followed carefully the conduct policies, dress code, and other regulations and principles of the company
  • Completed the parking permit and vehicle registration promptly on time
  • Examined the air, fuel, water and completed every checks of maintenance of the vehicles without fail


Some High School degree

Additional skills

  • Exceptional ability to plan and organize the preferred priorities of the company
  • Strong communication skills