Expedited Trucking Jobs

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reight Trucking is a provider of freight services not only nationwide but also across Canada. They pride themselves on their reliablele freight services, which operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Not only are their services available year round, but they ensure their customers timely deliveries which always arrive before deadline right to the customer’s front door. With these main characteristics included in the foundation of their business, Expedited Trucking is one of America’s valued transport service providers.

What types of jobs are offered at Expedited Trucking

If you’ve made it to this point, you’re probably interested in the job opportunities available at Expedited Trucking. You made a good choice. Expedited Trucking is an experienced company which will welcome you warmly to the transportation industry. What job opportunities are available? Here are just some of the options that Expedited Trucking offers to potential employees.

As this is a transportation company, a freight driver is one of the core positions available at Expedited Trucking. They offer positions as either regional or local drivers, meaning the hours and shift work vary depending on where your route’s destination is. To be a driver, you will need the appropriate certification and reach above the age requirement. If you like driving and travelling to different places within North America, then this job will be very enjoyable for you.

Administration always plays a huge role in the transportation industry, as, without the office team, there would be no trucks.The administrative staff is the backbone of the business. They communicate with the truck drivers, operations staff and clients. They also cover a broad range of duties, meaning there are employment opportunities in accounting, customer service, payroll, etc. The requirements will vary depending on the job you’re interested in, however, a degree and/or experience will most likely be preferred.

The operations team is responsible for unloading and loading the freight, organization and maintenance of the warehouse, as well as making sure the shipments are delivered and received by the driver. Again, for the positions within this section, your requirements will vary. If you’re interested in being a dockworker, you will need experience with a forklift and flexible work availability. You will also need to be able to lift heavy items and therefore, should not have any previous health conditions that may affect your work.

Tips for applying at Expedited Trucking

Now that you’re aware of some of the opportunities available at Expedited Trucking, check out their website and apply:https://www.expeditedfreight.com/. Before applying, make sure you read these helpful tips.

Know what you’re looking for. If you don’t know, that’s fine, but then take the time to read the available jobs and their descriptions and requirements. Do you want flexible hours? Interested in driving? Or do you prefer working in an office environment? Take the time to see what you’re really interested in before applying.

Make sure you have the requirements for the position. If not, research on how to obtain the required certificates and/or diplomas. That way, you’re fully prepared before applying to the job posting.