CRST Trucking Jobs

Established in the year 1955, CRST has become one of the country’s foremost transportation companies. It boasts of exceptional services – delivered through 4,500 trucks manned by the nation’s finest drivers. With the company’s ever-growing slew of customers, CRST is always in need of new blood – driven employees who can fulfill its mission and vision. If you want to be part of this exceptional trucking family, then here are some CRST trucking jobs you can get your hands into:

CRST Trucking Jobs for Drivers – Malone

For more than 85 years, CRST Malone has taken the top spot as the United States’ biggest flatbed organization. As a 100% independent contracting company, this CRST branch is offering jobs for many budding drivers. To take part in these CRST trucking jobs, you need to meet the basic requirements:

  • 23 years old and above, with 6 months driving experience or 2 years’ worth of tractor-trailer driving
  • Class A CDL
  • Verifiable driving experience (1 year)
  • Compliance to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

You also need to furnish the following upon your application for CRST trucking jobs in Malone:

  • Social Security Number
  • Home address history (past three years)
  • Present driver license number (past three years)
  • Driver license history (past three years)
  • Employment history (past ten years)
  • History of traffic convictions, violations, or accidents (past three years)
  • Criminal history
  • Military history, if applicable

CRST Trucking Jobs for Owner-Operators

If you want to drive at your own pace, then the CRST trucking jobs for owner-operators is what you are looking for. With this opening, you can drive through your desired regions, dictate your own loads, and drive home at your own time.

What’s great about these CRST trucking jobs is that no flatbed driving experience is required. At the same time, trailer rentals are available as needed. Here are more reasons why you should sign up for these CRST trucking jobs:

  • No forced dispatch. You can go only when you want to go.
  • $2.00 average per loaded mile
  • Pass-through surcharge for fuel
  • $2,000 sign-on bonus!

CRST Trucking Jobs for Students

Do you want to apply for CRST trucking jobs, but don’t have a Class A CDL yet? You don’t have to worry about funding your schooling anymore.  After all, the company offers openings for budding CRST student drivers.

In order for CRST to pay for your trucking school needs, you have to attend the schooling program and orientation, which will run from two to four weeks. Afterwards, you will be guaranteed a slot in the CRST trucking jobs. For the end of your bargain, you need to work for CRST for 8 months.

What’s great about this student driver program is that it promises career growth as well. Employees with potential can be promoted to the dedicated lane in as short as three months. Here are some other benefits that await applicants for CRST trucking jobs:

  • High miles
  • Competitive pay
  • Assured home time
  • Health benefits

CRST Trucking Jobs for Lease Purchase

High-value items such as high-end technology and expensive art need to be shuttled throughout the country without a speck of dust or scratch on it. Given their high value, it is only but expected that their drivers get paid well. So if you want to earn as much as $265,000 annually (by working with teams,) then the CRST trucking jobs for lease purchase are what you are looking for.

The requirements for this opening are the same for most CRST trucking jobs. However, the pay and benefits differ. Here are some perks you can receive from a lease purchase job:

  • Signing bonus of $1,500 for solo drivers and $3,000 for teams
  • Fuel cards with 12 cents off
  • Low-mile, low-weight cargoes
  • Toll-free driving per state

What are you waiting for? Apply for any of these CRST trucking jobs today!