Celadon Trucking Jobs


Since 1985, Celadon started rolling their wheels and became one of the leading trucking companies. With the three simple things they focused on SAFETY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and TECHNOLOGY, they were able to propel the business operations to the next level. They have done this by opening more branches in more different locations.

The good news is that they are always hiring for drivers! If you wish to become part of their productive business, read through the details.

With so many open positions available, surely there is one for you.

Here are the details on the qualifications of the drivers they need:

  • The applicant should be at least 21.5 years old
  • Provide a 6 months of verifiable T/T experience, which should be within the past 36 months
  • You need to secure a Valid CDL Class A license
  • Secure a good driving record
  • You should have no record of reckless driving and the like in the past 5 years.
  • No crime like hit and run convictions in the past 10 years

Celadon’s WageLock Program

This program makes the company excel compared to any other trucking employers. They secure the benefits of their workers, so they could expect the best services from their workforce.

The purpose of the program is to secure that those good drivers will get paid. This includes even lower rate of orders for a given season. All the U.S. company drivers are qualified to avail this benefit, including the students and refresher drivers.

Once you have applied and get hired, you will need to agree on the weekly settlement for your wages, which give you more convenience to get your money every week you render your services.

How Many Months Of Experience Required To Get The Driver Job

It is a requirement that you should have at least 6 months of driving experience, which can be certified by your previous employer. However, the company allows those who only have 3 months of experience, but send these aspiring drivers to get refresher training.

For applicants with no experience at all, yet very interested to get the job, they will be paired with the expert drivers to give them training in the field. The company is open to bend its rules, just to accommodate those who are dedicated to render their driving skills.

If you are interested to know more how their application process works, you may read the FAQ page here: http://www.driveceladon.com/faqs


Summary of Benefits from Celadon

Once you are hired to work for the company, given that you have complied with the requirements they asked, after the orientation and the training, you will gain benefits right after 90 days.

Medical Insurance

Depending on your decision, you can choose between two medical plans they can offer. There is a base plan or buy-up plan. Specific details are provided on their website to help you in picking the best option.

Dental Insurance

This is a voluntary option for you to avail. The good thing is that the package they offer can cover also your family dependents.

Vision Insurance

You can avail this benefit with no annual deductibles. This ensures that you can perform your driving job well.

Disability Insurance

Partnered with the Lincoln Financial Group, you can voluntarily avail a short-term disability insurance or long term.  Each has specific details on how and what you can avail.

There are other benefits you can enjoy:

  • Supplemental Life/AD&D – Lincoln Financial Group (Voluntary)
  • Dependent Term Life Insurance – Lincoln Financial Group (Voluntary)
  • 401(k) Plan – Merrill Lynch
  • Flexible Spending Plan (FSA) – Discovery Benefits
  • Universal Life Insurance – Lincoln Financial Group (Voluntary)
  • Specified Critical Illness Insurance – Lincoln Financial Group (Voluntary)
  • Long Term Care Insurance – UNUM Provident (Voluntary)
  • Voluntary Accident Insurance – Lincoln Financial Group (Voluntary)
  • Group Term Life Insurance – Lincoln Financial Group (Company Paid)
  • Legal Plan – Open Road Drivers Plan (Voluntary)

For more details about this, you can visit here: http://www.driveceladon.com/benefits

Start your driving career now with CELADON!