Delivery Driver Job Description

delivery driver job descriptionThese people get things delivered to us right at our doorstep, from food deliveries to packages from relatives or loved ones that are miles away from us, they get the job done. This is why being a delivery driver is such a noble and relevant job in our society today because almost everyone wants things handed to them in the most convenient way possible. So if you feel like you’re the right person for this kind of job then read on because we will give you the 411 on being a delivery driver.

Statistically speaking, almost 700,000 delivery drivers 2 years ago got hired and driver employment will go up by 4% in 10 years as predicted, this is unfortunately slower for other occupations. This is a sad fact due to the kind of technology that we have today. Companies today already have GPS or other programs that make already hired drivers efficient thus there is no need to hire extra ones.

Basically, delivery drivers are the ones that transport from one place to another. Because of the variety of goods that exist today, there are also kinds of delivery drivers such as tractor-trailer drivers who take big amounts of cargo and stuff and take them through long distances like city to city or even from country to country. Also they are very much responsible for their truck, fuel and obeying traffic laws. Other kinds include food delivery drivers who deliver food such as take out to people’s homes and take the payment and tips as well, package delivery drivers like those from UPS, FedEx, postal services and more!

The most important part of a deliver driver’s job is the safety to get to one destination from another. Safety for himself and for his deliveries as well because people pay a lot of money to get their stuff transported. Also, delivery companies make sure of the safety of these delivery drivers through providing them with essentials.

Now, let’s talk about the requirements on how to become a delivery driver. Unlike other jobs, formal education is not required for a person to become one. However, he or she needs to know how to drive, of course, and own a driver’s license. Also, he or she must have a clean driving record and know how to deal with costumers and literate because delivery drivers are not required to drive only but fill out papers in loading and unloading goods and talk with costumers or clients. Being physically fit is also required because the working hours are long and very tiring. Of course, the hours of work depend on the employer and the kinds of goods being delivered. In addition, companies look for those with initiative in working and also those who are neat, well-spoken, well-mannered and work well with little to no supervision at all.

So how much do delivery drivers make? Truth be told, if you’re aiming to become a millionaire or super rich through this then you might as well start looking for another job option because you would not be able to do so. On the bright side, you will be able to make ends meet for yourself every single day. It would just be enough to get by. On average, being a delivery driver would gain one $14 an hour. Those truck drivers who deal with heavy equipment and work longer hours earn $16 an hour which is obviously not that far from the average pay. Food delivery drivers, however, get a little lower than average at $10 an hour.

Deliver drivers work a very tiring and relevant job because without them, we wouldn’t be able to send packages to our loved ones or have food delivered to us without having to go outside.